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Healthy water

zdrowa czysta woda

Every "dead water"

- which means water purified by artificial procedures is not a healthy water.

Today, doctors are more aware of that - resulting from numerous studies. No one is recommending drinking dead water anymore. Especially now when we have the opportunity to use healthy water from natural spring water and mineral water. Drinking a healthy mineral water with high mineralization, over 1000 mg / l requires a medical consultation. Consumed daily in large quantities may be harmful to some. The level of mineralization and recommended daily intake should be adjusted individually, after consultation with a doctor or dietician.

In the case of "Bonart waters" from natural waters, low sodium sources, medical consultation is not necessary. It's healthy water that you can drink without any age restrictions and in any quantity.

Healthy water restores the body to the natural state of positive energy. Water Bonart produces healthy water - chemically and bacteriologically clean. The development of civilization, and the unfavorable influence on the environment, damage the natural state of positive energy in our body. Why "Water Bonart" is a healthy water? Because it is a pure one. Our natural spring water, after telephone or e-mail notification, is provided by our own transport both to companies and to individual customers. Your own production line offers you water packaged in large 19 l containers (with heating / cooling unit, ceramic bowl or metering pump) or 22 l. (a tank of water with a small tap for distribution). The company has been on the Polish and European market since 1995 - fulfilling the requirements of the European Union.

"Water Bonart", considered as a healthy water, effectively competes with other branded waters, which confirms its long-term export to Germany.

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