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Iodized water

woda jodowana

Nowadays we should be really concerned with intelectual state of our kinds from the very beginning. We can help you take care of them and their proper development including the required daily iodine dose.

At the beginning of the 20th century in the censuses in most European countries in the statistical forms except the name, age, there was a position to fill u pif someone had the cretinism or malaise (mental retardation caused by congenital iodine deficiency).


Congenital iodine deficiency syndrome (formerly cretinism or abdominal obesity) - term for severe mental retardation was caused by congenital primary hypothyroidism.

Formerly this disease was very common among people living in mountain areas. In some villages more than half of the population was affected by this condition. In the 1860s Rudolf Virchow proved that the cause of this disease is damage to the thyroid gland. In 1922, the frequency of occurrence of this syndrome on the content of iodine in soil was found. The World Health Organization recommends the use of iodised salt abundantly in areas where there is a deficiency of this element.

Source: wikipedia.org

It is commonly known that In order to recharge our batteries and increase the resistance of our organism we have to change, even for a few days, the microclimate to the one rich in iodine. Now we can achieve similar effect thanks to the action of iodine contained in our spring water source. Iodised water strengthens immunity in people who are allergic. In your hands we give you a product that deserves to be called 21st Century super-FOOD. All Europe and most of the world experience the so-called. Iodine erosion.

Already during the speech on 23.10.2008 under the auspices of the Minister of Health and the Chair of the Clinic of Endocrinology of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Mr prof. dr. hab. Zbigniew Szybiński, MD urged us to take care of the intellectual state of our society at the level of the whole population, by introducing iodine doses into our daily diet.

Why is salt in Poland iodized?

  • Three glaciations have crossed Poland. During these glaciations, the iodine found in our soils was completely rinsed and sterilized. This has led to the lack of iodine in our food.
  • The Polish legislator, like In all of European countries, legally mandated compulsory iodization of the salt - appreciating the importance of the problem of the deficiency of this element in our life and the body.

Why do we need IODINE in the body?

  • The original environment that life Has emerged from was the sea.
  • Even small children know that going to the sea is an indication for our health and well-being. Contacting the coastal environment is essential. Doctors encourage you to take this element even so delicate and susceptible to external and environmental factors such as pregnant women or the elderly.
  • For proper growth and development iodine is an essential element in the diet of children and pregnant women
  • For the proper functioning of our entire body and maintaining balance in the hormonal economy iodine intake is advisable for everyone - not only for children, pregnant women and seniors.

6 reasons why we should drink iodized spring water?

  • An organism with the optimal level of this mineral has a better working immunity system. Less of common cold and less of susceptible to infections. Those who want to maintain physical fitness and better concentration should take care of iodine supplementation by incorporating iodized spring water into their daily diet.
  • Pregnant women drinking water enriched with iodine consciously and favorably affect the comfort and safety of their and their unborn child. Taking care of the right amount of this element in your daily diet, the future mothers are improving protection against infections and diseases of their babies after they are born.
  • Iodized water is recommended for people suffering from allergies.
  • Only the unique technology protected by international patents allows you to supply iodine-saturated water, crystal clear and spring water. We guarantee that its taste and color remain unchanged.
  • PZH Certificate No. HU / 49/2001

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Poniższy link umożliwi Państwu zapoznanie się z "Programem eliminacji niedoboru jodu w Polsce na lata 2009-2011". Nad programem tym swój patronat sprawuje Polskie Ministerstwo Zdrowia.

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