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Woda mineralna

Mineral composition of water

BonArt - woda i minerały

Calcium [Ca] - the mineral necessary in the construction of skeleton, prevents osteoporosis. For children and seniors. Calcium regulates the normal course of vein processes, provides health heart. It is thanks to the proper strength of this mineral in the blood that we ensure its proper coagulation.

Magnesium [Mg] - a necessary mineral called the "element of life". Its optimal concentration in the body prevents hypopituitarism, dizziness, insomnia, muscle cramps, difficulties related to concentration, palpitations. Prevents deposition of heavy materials such as arsenic, tin, lead.

Sodium [Na] - excess of this element in the body is harmful, its right proportions in the daily diet regulate water-mineral economy.

Potassium [K] - Heart disorders, nervous hyperactivity and constipation are due to the lack of this element in our bodies. It is worth taking care of its proportions, because it helps to support the proper functioning of the nervous system as well as muscular.

Only in healthy water we find all vital minerals. "BonArt Water" confines them all. Over to the other minerals to support the proper functioning of the body. Mineral water is a constant part of everyday diet. It provides our diet with all necessary micronutrients.

In 1L of water:

  • Ca2+ 38,08 mg/dm3
  • Ng2+ 19,44 mg/dm3
  • Na+ 7,54 mg/dm3
  • K+ 1,38 mg/dm3
  • Cl- 5,30 mg/dm3
  • HCO3- 208,60 mg/dm3
  • SO42- 13,17 mg/dm3

Mineralizacja ~313,47 mg/dm3

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