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woda źródlana

We Get our spring water steight form nature

Truskawka w zamrożonej wodzie źródlanej

"BonArt Water" is a natural spring water. We draw it from a 98 meters deep well, which is located at the foot of Ślężański Landscape Park in the vicinity of Sobotka. Its healthyness and crystalline purity it owes to a 40-meter protective shell of impermeable geological layers. Created by Polish and family-run production line, guarantees full control and diligent process of its spillage. Thanks to our procedures, water taken from nature retains its original purity and unchanged mineral composition.

The high quality and consistency of our product sold, under the label "BonArt Water", guarantees that healthy spring water, supplied throughout Poland and Germany, is poured in one place.

Woda ze źródła aż do morza

Water from the source to the sea

Why i sit that on water Buttler available for sale tere is given the date of „better before” for consumption, and the underground water accumulated for several hundred years under the surface does not spoil? It's easy. Spring water, which is in constant motion, is subjected to natural geological processes. Water circulating in the earth is circulating like blood. Spring water, naturally clean, performs constant motion, and like any living substance susceptible to various factors it has natural energy. To put it simply - healthy water is naturally energetic.

Spring water instead of tap water

Do you realize that in most Polish cities, the water flowing through the city sewage is re-contaminated in its pipes? Doctors and water researchers are fully aware of the quality of the tap water. Since no one can guarantee that water is a healthy water, both physicians on a daily basis, press and health programs recommend drinking natural spring water. The tap is swarming with dangerous chemicals and biological substances.

Question: Can the water from the Vistula purified by water treatment plants can again become natural spring water? According to the Polish norm of the latest regulation of the Minister of Health this possibility Has been excluded. Until now, no such process has yet been invented.

Answer: Chemistry, used to kill "every living thing" in the water flowing through the water pipes, will not magically make it stop doing so when it comes out of the tap.

The most common activities performed by our body include breathing and drinking water. It is therefore essential for the quality of our health. Water in the human body is by far the most important building component. It provides:

  • 50-55% of woman's body weight,
  • 60-65% of man's body weight,
  • 65-75% of baby body weight.

Only nature has been around for nearly thousands of years of evolution, natural spring water, full of life-giving and positive energy meets desirable and expected quality standards.

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