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Now you can fully take care of your children.

We bring our natural and healthy spring water to schools. Water for schools and classes from 0 to 3 is costing only 2 zlotys a month per one child for 22 liters of spring water.

woda dla dzieci w szkole i przedszkolu
  • Do you realize that in most Polish cities, the water flowing through the city sewage is re-contaminated in its pipes? Doctors and water researchers are fully aware of the quality of the tap water. Since no one can guarantee that tap water is a healthy water, both physicians on a daily basis, press and health programs recommend drinking natural spring water.

  • Chemistry, used to kill "every living thing" in the water flowing through the water pipes, will not magically make it stop doing so when it comes out of the tap.

This is an ideal proposition for those who care for children’s good health and development.

Already at the price of one bottle of water in the store, your baby can drink healthy water throughout the month.

We should now get used to our comfort that the best possible and available sources of desires are natural spring water, and often it is not available in vending machines and school stores that sell high-in-sugar and unhealthy "chemistry" carbonated drinks.

Regardless of the degree of water consumption, our tanks of 22 liters of water are exchanged in the system, every two weeks at the latest. This ensures that water for schools and kindergartens will always be fresh.

Deliveries on a fixed day of the week, with fixed hours.

Natural water spring "BonArt Waters" can be financed both by the school and by the Parent Council, to which we also direct our special offer.

Water for teachers, teachers can drink up in the teacher's room thanks to our special offer: only 10 zł. for 1 tank of 19 liters of water!

woda dla dzieci w szkole i przedszkolu

Our water dispensers are equipped with two color faucets. From the red tap you will instantly brew a fantastic coffee or make a delicious tea. The water tap reaches 95. The second blue tap makes it possible to collect cold water at a temperature of 5-7 degrees Celsius.

New, modern, aesthetically pleasing design line distributors will decorate in every teacher’s room. The faucets of our devices are a convenient and easy way of drawing natural spring water

Deliveries on a fixed day of the week, with fixed hours, depending on consumption and your needs.

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TEL: 71/ 354-04-49, 600 208 448

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