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Water for your home

Water BonArt owes its good taste and health to the mineral composition. Appropriate proportions and quantities make BonArt Water healthy enough for seniors, pregnant women, infants and children who can consume it without boiling.

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22l system

Want to enjoy a healthy natural spring water in every situation? The 22 l system is a practical and economical solution for you. The functionality of the 22 l system will satisfy your single-family home, your 10th floor apartment or will come in handy on a trip, camping, while enjoying the good taste of refreshing water at home, you can add lemon juice or Herbapol syrup. Do you enjoy the taste of traditionally brewed coffee or hot tea? Nothing easier. All you have to do is order our 22 l tank with pump, ceramic bowl or dispenser. Set the container on the kitchen counter, or order one of our racks or dispensers of the water.

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19l system

Five-gallon cylinders - polycarbonate with a capacity of 19 liters is a system used successfully around the world. It works well in single-family houses, blocks of flats and in companies. Today you can enjoy healthy and natural spring water.

Both if you are a fan of drinking pure, healthy and cool spring water and making hot drinks such as coffee or tea, the 19L system is the perfect solution for you. You do not have to go to the source, thanks to us source can come to you. Our offer is tailor made for everyone, even the most demanding client, who, apart from the practical side, is also looking for devices and aesthetic solutions. Thanks to favorable pricing and flexible delivery times you can forget about the problem of always remembering to get clean and healthy water.

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